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5G!Drones at Interpol Drone Expert Summit

Gokul Srinivasan,, 5G!Drones partner, presented the 5G!Drones and its upcoming trials during the Interpol Drone Expert summit in Oslo. Besides the presentation, Gokul was also interviewed by the INTERPOL communications team and he spoke about 5GDrones project, and the upcoming trials in Egaleo stadium, in the context of use of drones and 5G for police and first responders. Read more “5G!Drones at Interpol Drone Expert Summit”


5G!Drones Eurecom Article-Interview

How can drones play an essential role for smart cities safety? As smart cities are emerging, connectivity needs are increasing dramatically in various scenarios of citizens everyday lives. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), largely known as drones, are expected to play a key role in smart cities environment, providing services for traffic management, public safety, situation awareness and connectivity during large crowd events. Read more “5G!Drones Eurecom Article-Interview”


“Putting Drones to the 5G test”, IMT 5G!Drones article

5G!Drones, a European project bringing together industrialists, network operators and research centers, was launched in June 2019 for a three-year period. It should ultimately validate the use of 5G for delivery services by drone. Adlen Ksentini, a researcher at EURECOM, a key partner in the 5G!Drones project, explains the challenges involved.

Read more ““Putting Drones to the 5G test”, IMT 5G!Drones article”