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5G!Drones showcasing at the University of Oulu

5G!Drones Showcasing event took place at the University of Oulu on August 26, 2022. 5G!Drones project performed the final trials of Oulu platform (22-26 August 2022) and showcased its findings at the University of Oulu campus. Use cases tested: UC1Sc1,UC1Sc2, UC2Sc2, UC3SC1 UC3Sc3. Involved partners: University of Oulu, CAFA Tech, Alerion, Hepta, Nokia and FLE.

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5G!Drones Eurecom Article-Interview

How can drones play an essential role for smart cities safety? As smart cities are emerging, connectivity needs are increasing dramatically in various scenarios of citizens everyday lives. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), largely known as drones, are expected to play a key role in smart cities environment, providing services for traffic management, public safety, situation awareness and connectivity during large crowd events. Read more “5G!Drones Eurecom Article-Interview”


5G!Drones trials at Eurecom, France

Trials at Eurecom premises, Campus SophiaTech, Sophia Antipolis, France (16-18 December 2021). Participating partners EUR, AIR, INV, CAF, UML, RXB, FRQ. Capabilities such as search and rescue operations, mission critical systems (AIR) and sending C2 link over 5G SA were demonstrated. 5G SA network to control a drone was used for the first time in the world! Unique achievement! Read more “5G!Drones trials at Eurecom, France”


New 5G!Drones video release

5G!Drones partners NCSR “DEMOKRITOS” and COSMOTE conducted UAV trials in the COSMOTE Academy premises in Athens, Greece in July 2021. The trials took place for 5 days (28 June – 2 July 2021) on the context of Use Case 4 and several scenarios were tested. These trials are part of all the test taking place towards the preparation for the final trials in October 2022. Read more “New 5G!Drones video release”