5G!Drones Interview-Article by Commercial UAV News


5G!Drones Interview-Article by Commercial UAV News

The 5GDRONES is focused on validating and defining key KPIs for implementing 5G, not only for testing and understanding the capabilities of 5G, but for defining also the business case for adopting this technology and spotting the best processes/standards for implementing it in the UAV industry.

Within this research framework, a 5G!Drones article-interview entitled “The EU Funded 5G!Drones Research Project Is Testing, Validating, and Defining KPIs for the Future of the Drone Industry” was published by Danielle Gagne, Commercial UAV News Editorial Analyst. This is the 1st part of a 3-part article series.

In this atricle-interview, the partners that had the chance to talk on behalf of 5G!Drones are Gokul Krishna Srinivasan from Robots.Expert, Pawel Korzec from DroneRadar and Cristina Mihalachioiu from INVOLI. Well done to all!

You may access and read the article online at Commercial UAV News official website: https://www.commercialuavnews.com/infrastructure/5g-drones-is-testing-kpi-s-for-the-drone-industry