5G PPP and ICT-17 Phase 3 projects white paper


5G PPP and ICT-17 Phase 3 projects white paper

The 5GPPP and the three ICT-17 Phase 3 projects 5GENESIS, 5GEVE and 5GVINNI released the white paper “On Board Procedure to 5GPPP Infrastructure Projects“. This white paper describes the basic procedures that must be followed when vertical sector oriented projects of the 5GPPP plan to use the 5GPPP infrastructure project services.

For each of the infrastructure projects (5GENESIS, 5G-EVE, 5G-VINNI) this paper informs – among others – about how to interact with the infrastructure, what information is needed for running experiments, what output and how is provided, as well as what are the future plans of each infrastructure project for the longer term support of vertical applications.

Read the white paper at the 5GPPP website: