5G!Drones Interview-Article by Commercial UAV News


5G!Drones Interview-Article by Commercial UAV News

5G!Drones project is focusing on bringing a massive ecosystem together to demonstrate various use cases involving 5G technology, Unmanned Aerial Systems, UTM and relevant technologies. The consortium consists of 20 partners from 8 European countries, ranging from SMEs to large corporates, municipalities, and research organizations.

The main focus of the project is to integrate UAVs, UAS, IOT devices, 5G MEC, and UTM into the 5G network to demonstrate high value use cases and validate the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of the entire system through specific, and well-defined KPIs. Through this, the consortium looks to be able to provide invaluable insights and contributions toward standardization activities, policy making, business models, U-space architecture, and public acceptance.

Within this research framework, a 5G!Drones article-interview entitled “5G!Drones Is Putting the Pieces of the Drone Ecosystem Together to Make Sure They Fit and Can Deliver Value to Stakeholders” was published by Danielle Gagne, Commercial UAV News Editorial Analyst. This is the 2nd part of a 3-part article series.

In this article-interview, the following partners had the chance to talk on behalf of 5G!Drones: Unmanned Life, CAFA Tech, COSMOTE, Robots.Expert, NOKIA, INVOLI and Frequentis. Well done to all!

You may access and read the article online at Commercial UAV News official website: https://www.commercialuavnews.com/europe/5g-drones-is-putting-the-pieces-of-the-drone-ecosystem-together-to-make-sure-they-fit-and-can-deliver-value-to-stakeholders