5G!DRONES published articles

5G!DRONES articles are published in several media such as journals, newspapers, websites, newsletters etc. All published articles are presented in detail on the following sections.

  1. 5G!Drones presented at the 5GPPP website:
  2. 5G!Drones presented at the Cosmote website:
  3. 5G!Drones presented at NCSR Demokritos website:
  4. 5G!Drones on the News webpage of 5GENESIS website:
  5. “Les drones à l’épreuve de la 5G” article/interview, IMT – Institut Mines Telecom:
  6. “How Poland built and introduced an operational, integrated national UTM/ATM system” PansaUTM intervew with Unmanned Airspace:
  7. “Putting Drones to the 5G test”, IMT, Eurecom interview:
  8. “The EU Funded 5G!Drones Research Project Is Testing, Validating, and Defining KPIs for the Future of the Drone Industry”, Involi, DroneRadar and Robots.Expert partners interviewed by Danielle Gagne, Commercial UAV News Editorial Analyst: