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5G!Drones in the Dubai Airshow

5G!Drones partner Gokul Srinivasan (robots.expert) will present the 5G attributes in the context of UAVs in a panel discussion of the Dubai Airshow (14-18 November 2021). Being the only global airshow to take place since 2019, Dubai Airshow 2021 is set to deliver its most exciting edition ever featuring world-class products from market leaders and disruptors, enhanced networking opportunities and state-of-art aircraft display along with major industry announcements. Read more “5G!Drones in the Dubai Airshow”


5G!Drones trials at Oulu

5G!Drones trials at Oulu, Finland (24-26 August 2021). These trials involved Integration Rel.1 tests in Oulu (Webportal1 and UO WebPortal2 components), setting up and testing 5G network coverage and Edge server solutions in Botanical Garden area. The pretrials run for 3 days and vital results were attained. Read more “5G!Drones trials at Oulu”


Joint trials of 5GENESIS and 5G!Drones projects (July 2021,…

Joint trials of 5GENESIS and 5G!Drones projects! 5G!Drones UC4 (Connectivity during crowded events) was tested on the 5GENESIS Athens 5G experimental platform at COSMOTE Academy premises in Athens. UAV flights and 5G parameters/KPIs were measured and analysed under different flight scenarios and patterns. Vital conclusions were extracted from these trials which will be reported in detail in the upcoming deliverables.
Read more “Joint trials of 5GENESIS and 5G!Drones projects (July 2021, Athens)”


Nokia White Paper referencing 5G!Drones use cases

The following White paper “Controlling drones over cellular networks” was published by Nokia (5G!Drones partner) in June 2021. This white paper references 5G!Drones “D1.1 – Use case specifications and requirements” and provided vital insights about 5G!Drones use cases. In this short paper NOKIA presents how cellular networks can provide reliable connectivity to UASs and how high throughput applications from drones can be supported at the same time. Read more “Nokia White Paper referencing 5G!Drones use cases”