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5G!Drones trials at Oulu

5G!Drones trials at Oulu, Finland (24-26 August 2021). These trials involved Integration Rel.1 tests in Oulu (Webportal1 and UO WebPortal2 components), setting up and testing 5G network coverage and Edge server solutions in Botanical Garden area. The pretrials run for 3 days and vital results were attained. Read more “5G!Drones trials at Oulu”


5G!Drones Feasibility Test results (Finland trials)

5G!Drones partners conducted flight trials under 5G network in Aalto and Oulu, Finland, on August 24-28 2020 for collecting preliminary inputs for 5G!Drones next developments and actions. This was a feasibility test conducted to ensure that the CC link (Command & Control), drones, and the other entities are all communicating with each other over 5G network, and are functioning as expected. Read more “5G!Drones Feasibility Test results (Finland trials)”