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5G!Drones at IEEE GLOBECOM 2021

Dr. Harilaos Koumaras (NCSRD), 5G!Drones partner, participated at Industry Panel “5G and beyond – The Perspective of European Research Projects” of IEEE GLOBECOM 2021 on 8th December 2021. At this panel he had the chance to discuss issues related to 5G and UAVs and also and present the “Findings and lessons learnt from the 5G trials of 5G!Drones project”. Read more “5G!Drones at IEEE GLOBECOM 2021”


5G!Drones at 5G Techritory Forum

Gokul Srinivasan, 5G!Drones partner, participated in the Roundtable – Advantages of 5G for vertical industries (success and concrete advantages) session at 5G Techritory-Europe’s Leading 5G Ecosystem Forum, November 23, 2021, where insights from architecture, use cases and trials of 5G!Drones project were presented. Read more “5G!Drones at 5G Techritory Forum”


26th Finnish National Conference on Telemedicine and eHealth

The NOKIA team, 5G!Drones partner, presented during the 26th Finnish National Conference on Telemedicine and eHealth the role of telcos and latest technologies in eHealth. The presentation entitled “Telco shaking hands with eHealth” featured also 5G!Drones and it was made by Liinamaa Olli, Hannula Juha and Jyrkkä Johannes. Read more “26th Finnish National Conference on Telemedicine and eHealth”