5G!Drones showcasing at the University of Oulu


5G!Drones showcasing at the University of Oulu

5G!Drones Showcasing event took place at the University of Oulu on August 26, 2022. 5G!Drones project performed the final trials of Oulu platform (22-26 August 2022) and showcased its findings at the University of Oulu campus. Use cases tested: UC1Sc1,UC1Sc2, UC2Sc2, UC3SC1 UC3Sc3. Involved partners: University of Oulu, CAFA Tech, Alerion, Hepta, Nokia and FLE.

During the showcasing, presentation of the outcomes of the project took place: how to plan and conduct an UAV operation from a single web interface that includes the U-space, 5G network resource scheduling, operation execution and KPI collection.

Demonstration of drone missions: Location of UE in non-GPS environments (Nokia/ University of Oulu), Powerline inspection (Hepta/Flaperon), Cabledrone (University of Oulu). Presentation of CAFA Fully automated drone flight controlled over 5G SA network, Video stream from the drone to the Video Analyzer application running on the Edge server, Video Analyzer identified the suspect wearing the blue hat from the drone video.

Approximately 40 external people participated in the Oulu showcasing. The audience was general public that came to see the demos. There were many of the Oulu UAV stakeholders from the companies, a representative of the city of Oulu, and other interested people in UAVs.