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5G!Drones at IEEE IoT journal

A 5G!Drones paper of Y. Dang, C. Benzaid, B. Yang, T. Taleb, and Y. Shen entitled “Deep Ensemble Learning based GPS Spoofing Detection for Cellular-Connected UAVs” was accepted for publication at IEEE IoT journal. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are an emerging technology in the 5G and beyond systems with the promise of assisting cellular communications and supporting IoT deployment in remote and density areas. Read more “5G!Drones at IEEE IoT journal”


5G!Drones Showcasing at Egaleo stadium

On September 8th the 5G!Drones showcasing event took place in front of the public at the Egaleo Municipal stadium in Athens, Greece! The use case #4 was showcased: Connectivity during crowded events. Involved partners: NCSRD, Cosmote, INFOLYSIS, MoE, CAFA Tech, Hepta, UML, Frequentis and RobotsExpert. Briefing and safety training took place before getting on the field. Read more “5G!Drones Showcasing at Egaleo stadium”


5G!Drones showcasing at the University of Oulu

5G!Drones Showcasing event took place at the University of Oulu on August 26, 2022. 5G!Drones project performed the final trials of Oulu platform (22-26 August 2022) and showcased its findings at the University of Oulu campus. Use cases tested: UC1Sc1,UC1Sc2, UC2Sc2, UC3SC1 UC3Sc3. Involved partners: University of Oulu, CAFA Tech, Alerion, Hepta, Nokia and FLE.

Read more “5G!Drones showcasing at the University of Oulu”